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This summer has been very exciting and interesting.

Interesting is really an understatement.

Interning at ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut has been nothing short of amazing thus far. Beyond the simple fact of interning, learning new things and making connections, I had the chance to meet an individual who provided me with a stronger outlook on life, gave me some great advice in regard to my career and motivated me in the process with a special story.

As I was riding home on the ESPN security shuttle from work on Monday, I met a person who shared with me a powerful story about his life, what he had been through and how he is not where he wants to be in life. Now, do not get me wrong, he is happy with his life. However, he looks to better himself every day.

Thus far, as a recent college graduate, I have experienced similar thoughts and feelings of others in regard to figuring out what will the next phase of my life look like. Will it be this? Does it consists of that? Will I be successful? What does success look like? How will I find my path or ultimate destination in life?

These are my daily thoughts. They sit at the top of my brain on a consistent basis.

Meanwhile, with those thoughts in my head as I was riding home on the shuttle, with the ragged hills and mountains in the distance, the driver gave me so much motivation and encouragement. While his story was definitely one that I was not expecting, it could not have come at the right time.

There are times where I can be really hard on myself.

It is good to be hard on yourself to a certain degree. Never settle for mediocrity.  Be great. However, it is not good to be so hard on yourself to where you doubt your abilities and ultimate dreams.

At times, I have the tendency to do that. And like most people who strive for success, it is a common thing to do.

Nevertheless, hearing the driver’s story made me realize and re-evalute certain things in my life, creating a more positive outlook for me.

While I have not shared the driver’s story with you in detail, it was truly powerful and one worth hearing.

You can never be so sure as to where someone can impact your life in minutes, even if it is on a simple ride home on the shuttle from ESPN.

For blessings do come in disguise!

#StayTuned #BeEncouraged