Second-year head coach Mohammed El-Zare continues to rebuild the women’s soccer program.

The Southern Miss women’s soccer team continues to improve, making huge leaps to better the program.

Last year, the Lady Eagles finished (7-9-4) and recorded the most wins since the 2007 season.

While winning games is the goal, second-year head coach Mohammed El-Zare believes there are certain things that contribute to his team’s success.

” We talk about risk, and playing with the will to win, exceeding the fear of losing and that means we are gonna be aggressive,” El-Zare said. ” We are going to play very attacking and a very creative brand of soccer.”


This year, the team features 14 freshmen and 13 returners, including sophomore goalie Brittany Taylor and senior center mid Casey Adkins. Adkins says  constant communication on the field makes the difference between good an great teams.

“He stresses communication a lot, moving off the ball, keeping the ball forward,” Adkins said. ” We’re really trying to work on attack and getting  the ball in the net.”

Adkins also said before every home game, the team engages in a series of traditions.

” We have cheers that we do and then we get on the field and we get together and put are hands together.”

With three games left and two at home, Taylor feels playing at home gives them an advantage on the field.

” We’ve great stands and all are fans are always loud no matter we are home or away,” Taylor said. ” But, it is good to be home.”

As the Lady Eagles plan to finish the season strong, El-Zare said his players have laid the foundation for the program’s future.

” They’ve planted the seed and that seed has already come out of the ground,” El-Zare stated.