Asbury Hall (VO-SOT)

Construction workers continue to make strides to the future nursing building, Asbury Hall, on Southern Miss campus. University officials, faculty and students witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony on Sept. 17. Since then, workers have laid the foundation and look forward to finishing the building.

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The new 81,000 square foot building will contain three floors. The first floor will serve as a dining area for the nursing students, similar in nature to the Agora in the International Building. The second floor will feature a high-profile skills lab and student engagement center and faculty and staff will be situated on the third.

“This has been an eight-year journey,” said College of Nursing Dean Katherine Nugent. “I remember being told a new building for the College of Nursing was not going to happen. People who know me also know that I’m not the most patient person. Well, here we are.”

The nursing program is widely respected at the university. University President Rodney Bennett believes the new building will continue to prove countless opportunities for students.

“How exciting it is to offer students an opportunity to learn and thrive in a customized facility that promises such a bright future in nursing education.”

Workers began construction on the state-of-the-art facility in June 2014 and university officials believe the building will be completed summer 2016.