After completing numerous media writing assignments, my favorite assignment was the broadcast script. It was my favorite assignment because it allowed me to see a direct representation of what I will have to do in my occupation (anchor, broadcast journalist). It was very interesting to see exactly how information has to be in a certain pattern and organization. Thus, consumers can receive the message clearly. My least favorite assignment was the advertisement .It was my least favorite assignment because it does not require a great skill of writing. It requires more of capability of being creative and strongly attracting consumers with diverse ads. In the beginning of the semester, the challenge for me was condensing my word choice. My writing style was focused towards writing English papers. Meaning, the papers were full of adjectives, adverbs, and other descriptive words. Whereas in journalism, stories or articles are condensed and word choice is simple and concise. For example, news stories are written in an inverted pyramid style, which tells a lead and all other information is correlating from the lead sentence.

I have overcome this issue by writing more assignments in class. As a reporter for the yearbook staff, writing stories helped me tremendously. It allowed for me a greater understanding of the inverted pyramid organization pattern. I am extremely excited to take upper level courses within my major. It will allow me to further enhance my writing and speaking skills for my future career in broadcast journalism.