Writing skills are truly essential to every individual, whether a child, high school student, college student, or CEO. Writing allows for individuals to express ideas, thoughts, and beliefs to others. Without proper writing skills, many individuals’ thoughts would not be expressed properly. One major component of writing is organization and structure. Before any word is used within a poem, paper, narrative, story, etc, a proper writer must have a sense of organization and structure to which he or she plans to write a given assignment. Furthermore, in regards to Melissa Donovan’s “12 Better Writing Habits”, she emphasizes 12 of the most important rules in becoming a more established writer. In my opinion, I consider myself an exceptional writer but I can always use some improvement. I love the opportunities of when I can improve in certain skills of writing. An individual that is open to criticism will obtain great success through anything such as becoming a better writer. Based on the 12 rules listed, I would definitely consider using these tips to become a better writer. The rules such as writing every day, reading more, careful proofreading, and constantly brushing up on grammar are few that are extremely important to becoming a better writer.  These distinct characteristics correlate with one another. As we read more, we examine the way other writers skill sets.

The older you get, the more writing an individual will do. Thus, writing every day will help individuals get accustomed to writing and using creative words to express their thoughts instead of the same dull words. Reading also helps us to carefully notice grammar rules being emphasized. Therefore, if grammar rules are used incorrectly, individuals can better their proofreading skills by reading others work. Grammar and proofreading are very essential to the quality of writing that a writer will produce.

I would not remove any of the characteristics from this list. The only suggestion I would add to this list of aspects would be to always remain confident and positive towards writing. Although a teacher or professor may “accent your paper with red ink”, remain confident and positive that your writing will become better. Sometimes, it takes writing bad papers to realize how excellent papers should be written. Always strive for conciseness and give your full commitment to writing. For it is the only way we can truly become better writers.