Writing leads  is one of the most essential elements in news stories. Ultimately, it sets the tone for whther or not the reader does or does not seek interest in the story or article. Having just finished writing leads for different stories, the most challenging aspect was making sure each lead answered between 2-3 of the Ws (who, what when, where, why,) and keeping each lead interesting. To keep them interesting, I incorporated strong action verbs to describe situations instead of using adjectives. This seems easy; however, it is not as easy as you think. The least challenging aspect while writing the leads was keeping the maximum amount of words between 10-20. It is best to keep leads simple and concise. I am really looking forward to writing  stories to see if I can develop good quality stories that are centered directly from the lead.

A lead that I believe is exceptional is “The city of Lumberton plans to begin work next month on a $9.5 million senior/public housing project.” This lead came from the Clarion Ledger newspaper. The link is http://www.clarionledger.com/article/20120222/NEWS/120222014/Lumberton-plans-9-5M-housing-project?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|Home . I believe this lead is exceptional because it is simple and concise. Also, it answers 2-3 of W’s, which is one of the main principles in writing leads for news stories. If I had to make this lead a super exceptional lead, I would find a way to make it more interesting or descriptive to the reader. Although some leads will be more interesting than others, I believe this lead can made more interesting by using stronger verbs or rearranging which of the Ws is used first in the lead.