Over the last century, American journalism has changed drastically on many different aspects and platforms. Fifty years ago, for example, most citizens in America enjoyed the privilege of reading the newspaper and enjoying a cup of coffee while doing so. Reading the newspaper was a cornerstone in which individuals started his or her day. This was a signature way in how most people found out information along with watching the news on television sets. Fifty years later, many newspaper chains have closed due to the new media platforms in which news and information has been associated with. Morning and evening news on local television stations was not providing the most important news based upon the proximity and importance (.e.g. breaking news happening after the newspaper had been printed for the next day, or after the news had been broadcasted for that morning or for that evening). In our generation, new and improved media platforms have changed the way we view journalism. From 24-hour news channels, to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and other blog oriented communication platforms, they have changed the way we view journalism. Today, we find information through our fast pace society through media platforms. This way of communication is the like the “new newspaper” of which many of our relatives used to find out their news. For example, Anderson Cooper reads tweets on-air. In my opinion, tweeting or things of this nature affect how we view journalism because anyone can tweet or say anything on the social media networks. Nevertheless, some statements that are said can be true and beneficial to reporters or journalists being that is reliable. Therefore, I feel this way of communication can help and hurt journalism as we know it. It depends solely on the situation, what is being said, and how can it truly help consumers in notifying them about various issues in society.

In our fast paced society, journalists should still use the inverted pyramid style when writing and speaking about different issues. As a consumer and like other consumers, we want to know the facts. We want to know the main points of what is occurring in society in a simplistic manner. We, as readers, do not want to figure out or assume details about different issues. Therefore, we expect journalists to provide us with the necessary information in a simplistic manner that we can understand and apply this information within our minds. If journalists take away the inverted pyramid style of writing, then many readers will either quickly lose interest in finding out information or they will not take the time to read articles or stories at all.

Overall, both factors are influential in observing the integrity of journalism today.