My name is Wilton Jackson. I attend the University of Southern Mississippi. I am a Freshman (Sophomore hours) Broadcast Journalism major from Jackson, Mississippi. I attended Jim Hill High School and graduated in the top ten of my class as an International Baccalaureate student.  I like to write, play sports, analyze sports information, shop, talk, and help others who are in need. My career ambition is to work as a sports journalist or anchor for ESPN. I plan to achieve this goal by staying atop of my school work, getting internships, and managing my time. I hope to receive a good education during my college career. I hope my education consists of the proper skills and opportunities to interact with others. Therefore, I will be  prepared for the work force after college.The purpose of my blog is to give insight on issues from various media platforms like news writing, broadcast news, public relations, and advertising. My favorite area of mass communications is broadcast journalism because I want to be in front of the camera. I want to provide viewers with information they can rely on to make the best decisions for themselves in society. Stating the facts, and revealing the truth is the main concept of journalists.